When will Greek tourism recover? And what promotes Greece’s image the best?

Nikos Krinis published on Greek Travel Pages:  When will Greek tourism recover? According to MRB’s survey, Greek professionals are relatively pessimistic about the pace of recovery of Greek tourism and expect that it will take time for the sector to take a turn for the better, as 60 percent of respondents estimate that their businesses will fully recover in 2023 or later, 32 percent said that a full recovery will be achieved during 2022 and only a mere 2 percent appeared optimistic and said they expect the industry to bounce back in 2021.

What promotes Greece’s image the best?

More into MRB’s findings, tourism professionals find Greece’s cultural identity (archaeological monuments) and Greek gastronomy to be the main features contributing to the promotion of the country abroad. The majority highlighted that gastronomy (local Greek food products including wines) was not promoted enough and consider it as a main feature to promote Greece’s image on an international level. A large percentage of professionals also said they believed that product brands that are “Made in Greece” could boost the country’s image abroad, as could Greeks with international influence, such as athletes and scientists.

Which words best characterize Greece?

Greek tourism professionals were also asked to give the words that they think would best send out the message of “Greece of tomorrow” and attract quality tourism.

While presenting the results, MRB’s president, Yiorgos Mavros, noted that professionals have moved away from the well-known features of “sun and sea” and have chosen different words and descriptions which should be taken under consideration when communicating a campaign for Greece. The top 10 words chosen by professionals are the following:

Published on News GTP: Greek Tourism Professionals Expect Slow post-Covid-19 Recovery, Says MRB

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