I want to buy a ready-to-move-in house in the Peloponnese

buy ready move house PeloponneseQuite often, Elias and I get an email:”I want to buy a ready-to-move-in house in the Peloponnese. With stylish furniture, kitchen appliance, coffee maker, and thing like that. You know: I just want to bring my suitcase and then enjoy the life in Greece. And it can’t cost too much! Can you help me?”.

Ready-to-move-in house

Of course we can! But first let’s talk about your budget.There is nothing wrong with having less budget but it is important that the expectations are realistic.

It is important that you show flexibility as a buyer, when it comes to your wishes. Perhaps you need to compromise with sea view or distance to the beach?

However, if you are looking to buy a ready-to-move-in house now, you would get plenty of options. And there are lots of benefits in choosing a ready-to-move-in house.

You eliminate project delay and know exactly what you are buying. Your decision to buy a house will not bet based on what an architect can show you but what you can se in reality.

Do you have a ready-to-move-in house right now?

Yes! For exemple: A really exceptional house situated at the end of an unmade track with stunning gardens and beautiful views. Very close to Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos, in the nice village Neochori.

The house is in perfect condition and the garden is magnificent! Outstanding sea view and, yes, furnished with quality furniture including toaster and coffee machine! You just need a suitcase and can start your Greek life from day one.

Built in 2007 this house is well taken care of by the present owners: you can feel it and see it as soon you step inside this lovely home.

The outside areas has a car port and a workshop with running water and electricity. Now it is a storage room and a utility area but maybe you want to convert it to a guesthouse in the future? Or you can only move in with your suitcase and leave those plans to your children on theirs vacation.

There is space and previous building plans for a swimming pool in the garden. Maybe something you want to have in the future? Or you can only move in with your suitcase and take your car (10 minutes) to the beaches in Stoupa  or Agios Nikolaos (see the picture below).

The house has central heating (gas), aluminium windows and doors with fly screens and solar panels for water heating. A spare water tank also benefit this house along with air conditioning units which works both for heating and cooling. You can only move in with your suitcase and stay in Greece during winter and summer.

You can also find more houses and plots for sale on Husigrekland.se

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