Become a safer and more secure dog owner with Guard Dog Training, Mani, Messinia

Become a safer and more secure dog owner with Guard Dog Training whether you live in Messinia permanently or if you stay just for a few months. You remember Elias and my story about Estia, our dog (link)? Our beloved puppy grew into a kind and big dog with a strong will of her own.

One early morning in May 2023, we have seen two guys following an elderly man and his dog on a beach walk.I was shocked: the dog followed his owner without caring about passing people and cats. “What???? I also want Estia to be so calm and well behaved! How can I contact you guys? We need your help!”. Just one week after Apostolis and Nikos came to our house in Nomitsi to meet Estia and listen to the problems we had.

They met us and made an individual customized program for us and Estia. “Remember! There’s nothing wrong with your dog, it’s how you both treat her. She’s a wonderful, friendly dog ​​herself but you need, hmmmm, training to be good dog owners!

The reason why in the pictures above only Elias and not me, is not that I am a perfect dog owner, just because I am holding the camera.. We both “misdid”….What can I tell you? They are like magicians! Elias and I are not fully trained but we are getting better and better and she, Estia, is absolutely fantastic! I asked if Apostolis and Nikos could come up for an interview because I can think that many, many dog ​​owners in the area need their help.

Become a safer and more secure dog owner with Guard Dog Training

safer-secure-dog-owner-guard-dog-training-mani-messiniaEK: I am very happy that you find the time to answer my questions. Can we please start with a short presentation of you. Are you both from Messinia? And living permanently in Kalamata?

GDT: Thank you ,we are really excited to do this, as this is a great opportunity for us . To answer your question, yes we are both from Messinia and living permanently in Kalamata

EK: What did you do before you started your company and when you started with your own business?

GDT: We both started out as dog trainers in the Greek Air Force 25 years ago and we decided to expand our work and share our knowledge and experience on dog training by starting a business of our own and help people learn more about their dogs and train them according to the owners’ interests and needs.

EK: Can you describe in just a few sentences what makes you unique in this industry?

GDT: We are the only legal dog training business, that doesn’t require your dog to leave from your living space in order for it to be trained since we are the ones that come to your space to train your dog as well as you, the owner

EK: Do you take clients and assignments throughout Messinia?

GDT: Yes we take clients and assignments throughout Messinia

EK: What are the most common problems that dog owners ask you to work on?

GDT: The most common problems that we are asked to deal with, are aggressive behaviours, insecurities that dogs may have because due to lack of proper socialization and many more. Apart from those problems, we also conduct training in basic obedience and guarding.

EK: Can a dog be “too old” to be trained by you? And are there any cases that you do not agree to work with?

GDT: Yes, after the age of 9, a dog cannot be trained due to the fact that their behaviour cannot be changed and to answer to your second question, no we as a business, always try to find solutions even to the most difficult cases.

EK: I understand that it´s not only dogs that you train, haha. Is training how to be a good owner also part of your training concept? And which is the most common “error” we, the dog owners do?

GDT: As i mentioned before, we train the owners along with their dogs because if the owner is not trained as well, they will be unable to handle them. The most common mistake, dog owners do, is that they try to “humanize” their dogs instead of trying to understand the ” logic” in which their behaviour is based on.

EK: How can your customers contact you in the best way and how do you start the new assignment?

GDT: There are various ways to contact us, such as through our Facebook page (Guard Dog Training) , our phone numbers (Apostolis: +30 6937469847 and Nikos: +30 6932432001) and many more. When someone is interested in training their dog contacts us, we schedule an appointment in your space, in order to see your dog

What can you do for your dog when you stay in Mani?

I really hope that I will soon find a wise enterprising person who wants to invest in the Mani area for something other than “just” renting. What about “vacation in Mani with a dog training”? With Apostolis and Nikos you can develop your concept into not only a supporting business idea but also make so much more benefit and joy for us, the dog owners! And you who rent accommodation in Mani during winter time? Contact Guard Dog Training and become a better friend with your dog!

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