Rent house or apartment with Housefinders Peloponnese

Do you want to rent a house or apartment in the Peloponnese? Elias and I, Housefinders Peloponnese, can help you find accommodation that fits your goals and your budget. We list carefully selected rental properties for both short- and long-term rentals.

Do you want to let out your house through our company? Click here!

Far from the dominance of mass tourism, you will find many places that can offer relaxation, beaches, small villages and locally produced food. Travel to the Peloponnese and bring your family and friends! The scenic peninsula offers tranquility, history and culture, even after the biggest tourist rush!

Do you want to rent house or apartment for a few days or for a longer period? Individual or group bookings? Check here or go to booking form here. Below is a FAQ for you who want to rent through us.

A. How do I book the accommodation I am interested in?

Supereasy! Send an ID number and date you are interested in via email or fill in the form here. You can also find Elwira at FB or Instagram or LinkedIn. Elwira checks availability with the landlord and will get back to you within 24 hours

B. Why can I not book online?

Most landlords we work with have a small family business with personal service and are not always on the big booking pages. It is also not common in Greece with online booking systems but see it as an advantage: it is always possible to negotiate for longer bookings.

C. How much does it cost to book accommodation through Housefinders Peloponnese?

If you want to book short term rental (up to 4 weeks), the landlords we work with will pay our commission, we are therefore grateful if you always book through us even when you return. However, if you want to book long-term rentals (longer than one month) our commission is 10% from the entire rental period. You pay the commission to Housefinders Peloponnese, Real Estate Services, VATNO EL801930817.

D. How do I pay the rent?

All payments must be made directly to the landlord and according to her payment terms (usually you pay before you come down via bank). You therefore never risk that your payments do not reach the right recipient. Different landlords have different requests for deposit and for cancellation. Email Elwira if you want know more

E. How do I change my reservation?

After your booking request has been confirmed, you will receive all contact information from the landlord, and then all contact will be made directly with the landlord. If you are having trouble with something and do not feel that it can be solved in a good way, you are welcome to contact us and we will help you!