Realize events Peloponnese

We can help you realize events in Greece and Peloponnese: regardless of whether you want to conduct training, integration meetings, jubilee, weedings or wellness/yoga.

We will be happy to help you find what you are looking for! We are constantly expanding our Greek network on Peloponnese and we constantly update our offer.

As of today, we can offer you: guided tours in Taygetos, bicycle tours, workshops and mosaic courses, shorter and longer bus or boat trips, yacht cruises or evenings with dancing and Greek specialties.

Take a look for our offer just now on our swedish/english webpage: click here(note that it is partially automated translation).

When you want something special

We are also open to discuss a customized program to your needs. You can hire a chef who can make a dinner for you and your friends at your home or an english teacher who can help you improve your  conversation in greek. Our entry fee is 125 Euro including VAT.

We also undertake project assignments for companies and associations wishing to provide training or educational courses in Peloponnese. From training in the art of rhetoric, marketing or IT to more intimate meetings of the book club, jubilees or similar events.

How we work?

We contact you by email, phone or take a coffe with you and create a detailed description of your wishes. We check with our partners and inform you about price and details. Than you have two choices:

Simply email us and we will call you back within 24 hours!

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