Property transactions in Greece will be processed faster

Good news for those who want to buy a property in Greece: property transactions will be processed faster.
Finally, the government and tax authorities are trying to reduce bureaucracy in real estate transactions by immediately implementing a new digital system that notaries can use to obtain the necessary supporting documents, which currently exceed 17, reports

As Digital Governance Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis mentioned, next Monday he and the notaries will jointly announce the piloting of the new online system, through which they will be able to automatically eliminate the mountain of documents they now require from citizens.

Specifically, the minister pointed out that as long as the property of the citizen concerned is registered on the cadaster and without any pending issues, the notary will be able to obtain all the information and documents relating to the property automatically through a platform that will be in front of him or her. “This is a big qualitative change, we did it together with the notaries to make it useful and functional,” noted Pierrakakis.

Today, the collection of supporting documents by citizens and the time required for processing varies according to the municipality and tax office: There are municipalities that issue the certificate of no municipal property tax (TAP) in a few minutes while there are also others that take up to two months. Furthermore, without being required, there are some, such as the Municipality of Skiathos, that request 10 documents to issue the said certificate, while the Municipality of Almyros asks for 15.

In the first phase, notaries will be able to obtain seven to eight supporting documents, and gradually all required documents will be added. The goal, as stated by government officials, is for the transfer to be completed in two to three days at the most.

The new digital application will contain all the necessary supporting documents and documents of a property from all involved bodies (Tax Office, Cadaster, Technical Chamber, EFKA) which will be drawn by the notary and will be registered in the file of the property to be transferred.

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