The Peloponnese

Do you want to invest and find a house or plot in the Peloponnese? Contact us: we are your Housefinders in the area of  Kalamata, Koroni and Nafplio. We have our own portfolio with properties and we work with several agencies from Messinia and Argolis.  Together can we find your dream place in the Peloponnese!

Welcome to the Peloponnese

Peloponnese (Pelop’s Island) is a peninsula full of history! It was here that a large part of ancient history began and in the Iliad more than 20 places from the Peloponnese are mentioned. Far from the dominance of mass tourism is this fantastic part of Greece that you should not miss to experience and which is undiscovered by many. The Peloponnese is packed with stunning scenery in the form of stunning stretches of coastline and impressive, lush mountain ranges, all embedded in the characteristic, spicy scent of pine trees, wild oregano and thyme. The region is infinitely rich in exciting stories and monuments that date from the pre-Stone Age to the present day, and are characterized by many different peoples.

Messinia: Avia, County, Mani, Kalamata

Messenia’s location between the Taygetos Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south kept the landscape relatively isolated for a long time. Messinia has a pleasant climate and a long tourist season where both sun worshipers and experienced hikers can find something they like.

The nearest airport is in Kalamata and the properties that you buy in the area are about 0,5-1,5 hours drive from the airport. You can of course reach the destination if you fly to and from Athens and then you reach your destination in about 2,5-3,5 hours.

Messinia Avia

Just 10 minutes drive and about 15 km southeast of Kalamata is Avia Messinia with its barren, beautiful nature with fantastic panoramic views of the blue and turquoise crystal clear waters of Messinia Bay. The name comes from the mythological king of Messenia Kresphontis, who named the area after Hercules’ daughter Avia. In the area are the small communities of Avia, Akrogiali and Megali Mantineia and the view from the western foot of the Taygetos massif gives a fantastic view of the bay and Kalamata.As the area is hilly and the beaches are close to the mountains, you will not find here any classic sandy beaches as in other areas. Here it is clearly rockier beaches and coves that are preferred by the Greeks themselves. The entire coastline all the way down to Mani is very sailing-friendly and it is also possible to sail quickly to the western side of the Gulf of Messini or around to the southeastern parts of the Peloponnese.

Messinia County

Messinia County is actually made up of several different municipalities with small genuine Greek communities, all west of Kalamata. The area is described in the Iliad which was written around 750 BC and some of the places are still inhabited today, such as Pylos and Messini and near Pylos there is also King Nestor’s palace. The popular resorts of Koroni, Methoni and Pylos are located in the area and despite the winding roads, it does not take very long to get around that part of Messinia. The area around Pylos has expanded a lot in recent years thanks to the Costa Navarino, which with its hotels and golf courses attracts many tourists. Between Pylos and Costa Navarino there is also one of Greece’s most famous beaches, Voidokilia (meaning komagen or oxmagen). Other popular sandy beaches are Methoni and Finikounda. The landscape here is not as hilly as Messinia Avia or Messinia Mani and the roads between the resorts are wider and not as winding as on the other side of the bay.

Messinia Mani

Mani is an area located in both Messenia and Laconia and is famous in Greece for its barren and wild nature and its turbulent history. People have lived here since time immemorial and the Iliad (written almost 3 years ago) lists six ports in Mani. And it was in the port city of Gythio that Paris and Helena sailed from to Troy and triggered one of history’s most mythical wars.The popular resorts are Kardamyli, Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos. Gythio is located in the eastern part and was formerly the city of Sparta’s naval base but is now a beautiful city filled with restaurants and is a popular destination. The Taygetos Mountains, which are snow-capped in winter, naturally delimit Mani from Laconia and in spring the lower slopes are filled with wildflowers and herbs. The area is well visited by nature lovers who like to walk in the beautiful and untouched nature.


Kalamata is a port city with almost 70 000 inhabitants, making it the second largest in the Peloponnese. The areas around the city are rich in mythological history and there are several places that are specifically designated in the Homeric Iliad. If you are interested in archeology, you should definitely visit the Frankish Castle and Benakion which is an archeology museum. For those of you who like art and culture, we recommend a visit to the cultural center where events take place all year round. For those who want to buy a holiday home, however, the 2,5 km elongated beach with clear blue water is much more interesting: perfect investment that will attract many tenants! The beach is lined with bars and tavernas that revive life even in the evenings and nights.

Nafplio, Argolis

Nafplio is a historic coastal city and was the first capital of modern Greece (1829-1834). Here you can enjoy historical walks during the day and nightlife in the evening. Nafplio is high on the wish list and is also a favorite for the Greeks themselves who like to go there on the weekends. Enchantingly beautiful town with charming pastel colored houses and small alleys with different kinds of shops. The Gulf of Argoli has perfect water for swimming and water sports. Nearby you will find lots of different bathing sites and sandy beaches such as Mandrakia, Kouverta, Sentoni, Petrothalassa, Tolo with its organized facilities and fine sandy beach or Porto Heli known for its greenery and crystal clear waters. Our properties for sale are located about 1-2 hours from the airport in Athens: convenient for you who want to visit your Greek home more often and for shorter periods.