Do you want to move and work in Greece? Read more about tax incentives for relocation

If you want to move to Greece and work in Greece this is a good time to plan it now: read more below about tax incentives for relocation. The Greek government is seeking lure professionals considering relocating to the country in 2021 by offering them a 50% tax exemption. The specific measure, which will be implemented from January 1, 2021, will apply to any work and will be valid for 7 years.

Eirini Chrysolora wrote on 12 November 2020 on

“Corporate officials and freelance professionals who relocate to Greece next year will have 50% of their income exempted from taxation for the first seven years, as they are seen as contributing their knowledge and experience to the country’s economic recovery.This measure may seem as if it’s aimed at wooing Greeks who have moved abroad, in the hope of reversing the brain drain, but it actually goes well beyond that. Any Greek or foreigner, regardless of nationality, who has been tax domiciled outside of Greece for at least seven of the last eight years will be able to utilize the incentives planned according to the regulation that is set to be submitted and voted on in Parliament. The exemption will be granted on the condition that they create one new job.”

More on Speaking to Bloomberg TV, Alex Patelis, chief economic adviser to PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the expansion of remote working due to the coronavirus pandemic favored the relocation of corporate officials and freelance professionals.

“Technology advances… Many of us can now choose where we live and work. And so what we say is that Greece has the sun. We’ve been blessed with natural beauties so we want to attract more people.We now have low taxes, we’re improving on the technology”

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