Back to the “home village” or the truth about homogeneous Greece

Greece golden visa program: expected changes

Greece golden visa program: expected changes


HouseFinders Peloponnese: live and work in Greece


Elwira cooks Greek dishes: Kleftiko, juicy and tasty Greek lamb stew


The whole of Messinia smells of olives again!

OCHI OXI Day NO Day Kardamyli Housefinders Peloponnese

OXI Day (NO Day) in Kardamyli and why this day is extra special for me

The Greece Golden Visa program HouseFinders Peloponnese

The Greece Golden Visa program: what you need to know!

filotimo meaning important Greeks

What does “filotimo” mean and why is it as important to Greeks as breathing


House Finders Peloponnese is growing: welcome Marie Pantzar

safer secure dog owner guard dog training mani messinia

Become a safer and more secure dog owner with Guard Dog Training, Mani, Messinia

Living in the Mani stories Kelvin Corcoran HouseFinders Peloponense

Living in the Mani stories: “You just have to stop, slow down, let the world come to you”

live between greece sweden differences

Live between Greece and Sweden: enjoy differences and find your own “carpe diem” time


HouseFinders Peloponnese: Greece is Heaven for Vegetarians

Live and work in Greece: tips from Housefinders in Mani, Peloponnese


Greece: food culture and traditions or culture clash at the dining table

creative life peloponnese mosaic artist sparta

The creative life in the Peloponnese: visit a mosaic artist from Sparta


Elwira cooks Greek dishes: gemista (yemista means ‘stuffed with’) with tomatoes and peppers

Living in the Mani on the Peloponnese Fryle

Living in the Mani, on the Peloponnese: freedom, gardening, nature

Gigantes plaki oven baked large white beans in the Greek way

Elwira cooks “Gigantes plaki”, oven-baked large white beans in the Greek way


Living in Mani, the Peloponnese: find a four-legged companion for a day, a month or forever


Start and run a business in Mani, Peloponnese: people in the area respected us from day one

Life in the Peloponnese: simple, authentic, challenging

Running a business tourism industry Mani Peloponnese

Running a business in the tourism industry in Mani, Peloponnese: do not overload the area!


Living in Mani, in the Peloponnese: adopt a dog


Greece attracts many digital nomads from all over Europe


A Greek home: a safe haven in the Covid times

She fell in love with the Peloponnese in 2001 and she returned year after year

Housefinders Peloponnese tips: Greek language? Charm Greeks with basic Greek phrases.  Yes, I agree with you: the Greek language is not easy, but you can easily charm Greeks people with basic Greek phrases

Housefinders Peloponnese tips: Greek language? Charm Greeks with basic Greek phrases

explore your creative self in greece

Do you want explore your creative self? Greece is the right country for that!

Olive picking Mani Peloponnese recipe pickled olives

Housefinders Peloponnese tips: olive picking in Mani and recipe for pickled olives

true Greek life more creative free life

Is it really true that Greek life is often a more creative and free life?

move greece pensioner greece taxation pension income

Move to Greece as a pensioner: Greece offer 7% taxation of pension income


Do you want to move and work in Greece? Read more about tax incentives for relocation

Buy holiday house in the Peloponnese: get new energy, time to be yourself, enjoy sun and culture

from greece to sweden and back

From Greece to Sweden and back: a Kalamata citizen with an international heart


Move to Greece stories: from manager in customer services to jewelry designer


Moving abroad: first time to Sweden, next time to Greece. My story about life changes