Mosaics course in Kardamyli: a great experience not only for beginners

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or more experienced in the art of creating mosaics: at the mosaics courses in Mosaic Studio and Art Gallery in Kardamyli you can always learn something new. And, if you want, you  can with the teacher Robin Jones, create some really unique and big piece of art for your house as well!

Mosaics course in KardamyliAbout the teacher

The mosaic courses are provided by Robin Jones. Robin has been making, teaching and exhibiting mosaic art for 15 years, both in Greece and previously in the UK.

He has worked in schools, hospitals and community projects as well as private commissions. Robin moved to Greece permanently in 2017.

About Mosaic Studio and Art Gallery in Kardamyli

You will find the Mosaic Studio and Art Gallery in Petrovouni, about 7 minutes drive from Kardamyli. Mosaic Studio is a part of a wonderful rental apartments: The Olive Grove Villas.

Cosy outdoor studio provides a cool and inspiring space to be creative and the teacher, Robin Jones, is known for his educational and patient way of teaching mosaic art.

About mosaic art

Mosaic is an art form which uses small pieces of materials placed together to create a unified whole. The word mosaic is from the Italian mosaico deriving from the Latin mosaicus and ultimately from the Greek mouseios meaning belonging to the Muses, hence artistic.

Mosaics have developed into a popular craft and art, and are not limited to professionals. Today’s artisans and crafters work with stone, ceramics, shells, art glass, mirror, beads, and even odd items like doll parts, pearls, or photographs.

While ancient mosaics tended to be architectural, modern mosaics are found covering everything from park benches and flowerpots to guitars and bicycles. Items can be as small as an earring or as large as a house. (Source: Wikipedia, Free-Photos från Pixabay)

About courses

You can choose workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels ranging from as little as 2.5 hours to week-long affairs with costs starting from €30 per person. During our half day or full day courses students are taught how to cut mosaic tiles, ceramic and glass using specialist tools and will design and make an item (usually a small panel) to take away with them. The full day course covers the same skills and learning but allows students to make a larger item.

Are you ready?

I myself think I am a creative person but unfortunately I am not a patient one. But I also managed to create two pretty stylish mosaic tiles. Are you ready to try? Email me and I will provide you with more information or send email directly to Robin with recommendation from Elwira.

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