Live and work in Greece: tips from Housefinders in Mani, Peloponnese

live-work-greece-tips-housefinders-mani-peloponneseSome of our customers plan to live and work in Greece. We have some tips for you who choose to live in West Mani, Peloponnese. It is of course easier if you already have a job or your own company that gives you the chance to work remotely, but there are other solutions. Important to add that the list below is solely based on our own local experiences but maybe it can be useful for you who want to live in another smaller place/community on the mainland? And if you are thinking about language difficulties, I have an answer for you on this too. Yes, it is desirable that you have or plan to have basic knowledge of Greek but it is English that will be your business language as most of the tips below are requested by Europeans who choose to live in sunny West Mani.

Animal hotel or animal boarding house

Many pet owners in Mani are in need of a professional dog hotel or boarding house. The vast majority of people love their pets just like a family member, but unfortunately it is not always possible to take the pet with you wherever you go. And especially during the hot Greek summer where you just can’t leave your cat or dog in the car. Not everyone has a friend who can take care of the pet while you are away, and many may feel insecure about leaving their pet with a private person they do not know. And of course we often buy educational toys, good food and healthy animal treats.

Rental business with a concept

There is already a huge range of villas and apartments for rent. And a lot is built solely for the rental market. What I believe in is a rental business with a concept: for example rent and hike, rent and learn Greek cooking, rent and learn to photograph, rent and learn to dive, rent and train your dog. Just “I have a villa to rent” is no longer enough.

Skin care and facial treatments

A professional and top class beauty salon. Skin care, facials, hair removal, advanced skin care and body treatments. An authorized skin therapist who offers relaxing and effective treatments with quality, knowledge and care. And of course we like to buy face creams, body lotions and similar…

Computer help, computer support and computer service

A personal computer support. Most young people find it familiarly easy to use modern technology to their advantage – after all, they grew up with it. However, the elderly can often have some difficulties in understanding the wonders of technology and how the computer can be used to their advantage. Do you have viruses, trojans, police viruses and need computer support? Is the computer sluggish and you need computer repair? Do you have a broken computer and need to send it in for repair? Are you frustrated by all the “mess” and want help?

Rental portal: garden tools, hand tools, lifting tools, ground tools and more

Most people who will help you in your garden or take on minor repairs in your home lack professional tools. Some of us are handy and can do the job on our own, but we lack real and good tools for the task and it can feel stupid to buy a power tool for a few hundred euros that we might still use a few times. And that applies not only to you, but to many of your neighbors. Then it’s great to have access to a place where you can rent tools for a day or two.

Second hand store

Rocking chairs, sofas, pots, chests of drawers, outdoor furniture, doors, windows and more… It’s really about time that someone came to the area who can recycle both furniture and other small things. And of course with home delivery!

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