Live permanently in the Peloponnese or own a summer house: discover the area!

It doesn’t matter if you want to live permanently in the Peloponnese or if you plan to own a summer house: here is always enough to do and discover! Welcome to Laconia!

The lost city: Vathia in the Peloponnese

Elias and I work from Monday to Friday. Every working day eight hours at the desk but we try to go on short or long excursions on the weekends. This time we want to advise you to visit Vathia, the lost city in Laconia.

Short about Vathia

For centuries, Mani was an inhospitable, stark, rugged land where families engaged in banditry and bloody feuds and few outsiders dared to enter. The landscapes of the narrow peninsula, the middle of the three prongs that extend from the southern Peloponnese, are no less haunting these days.

Empty stretches of rockbound coast – lapped by the Aegean Sea in the east and the Ionian in the west – and craggy mountainsides all around: this is one of Greece’s most unspoiled getaways.

The austere tower houses of Vathia, a small village in Laconia, has been a ghost town for many years, abandoned by its residents due to economic isolation and the need for work in the big cities.

Today, what remains are these towers which have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vathia, along with other nearby Maniot villages were built to protect against warring neighbors. The 800 still standing towers are now a romantic sentinel rising above the rocky terrain. Find the right way: GPS.

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