Live between Greece and Sweden: enjoy differences and find your own “carpe diem” time

Marie Pantzar describes living between Greece and Sweden: enjoying differences and finding your own “carpe diem” time in both countries.

March in Sweden: it was a rather nice winter day with lit candles

The day starts with me picking up the paper and going back to bed to read it still in the dark. Don’t have to get up as I don’t have any time to fit in today and also see that it’s still snowing for the 3rd day in a row now.

After that I get ready and take the dogs for a morning walk. A lot of clothes must be worn, which ends with a hat and thick gloves, it’s minus 9 degrees, so both dogs need blankets against their will. Great, even this walk went well without me falling as there is ice under the snow that you can’t see.

Breakfast with candles lit, it’s still quite dark outside, it probably takes another 1 hour before daylight comes, ugh this darkness. Will be a pretty nice winter’s day anyway, the sun will come and light up the day for a few hours before darkness comes again. Managed to sit on the balcony to drink my coffee but then I needed the rain trap and infrared heating on. A rather nice moment…Now darkness comes quickly and I light lots of candles and tinker with a little of each before it’s time to have an evening snuggle. Oh how I long SOON SOON we are going south towards GREECE.

March in Greece: it was a really nice winter day with sun, heat and fruit salad

Waking up quite early and it’s still dark outside but what do I do when I have such a good book to read, Kepler’s Spider-Man it enchants me 1 hour before it’s time to get up and put on shorts, a long-sleeved shirt and sandals.

The sun is coming over the Taygetos mountains and it will be a really nice day with sun and heat, you can feel it already. The dogs are happy to get out and run a bit as we go around over the mountains and come down to Pantazi beach. The sun is now shining so beautifully over the sea so we go down to the beach for a while and just enjoy the beautiful view as this time there is no one on the beach in March. Fred who loves to swim takes a swim before we start walking uphill again and walk through the olive grove to get home.

Waving and greeting a few neighbours, here you always say Good day or Hi to the person you meet and maybe also a few words before moving on. At home.. Now I’m making a fruit salad of lovely fruits to be served with the Greek yogurt, don’t forget the honey, it lifts everything. Then I sit and enjoy flowers and the fantastic view of the sea in front of me and the Taygetos mountains behind me as a frame. What a lovely day it looks like it will already be 17 gr and it’s only 10 o’clock 🙂

Life between Greece and Sweden: enjoy differences and find your own “carpe diem” time

2 days for the same person where I, Marie, realize that life in Greece is a little easier and maybe cheaper because all the clothes for the winter are not needed. Of course there will be winter in Greece too, but not in the same way. Realize that I am privileged to be able to live in 2 countries and enjoy the best from both of them.

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