How Corona has affected the rental market in Greece and why a new way of thinking is needed

Corona affects us in many ways on both personal and professional level. Has Corona affected the rental market i Greece and how? And why a new way of thinking is needed.  There are clear signs that large cities are losing attractiveness and that life in the country and life closer to nature is increasing in its attractiveness. After the initial shock of the lockdown, even business owners have realized that the work does not always have to be done from the office.

So the freedom to take the job with you is bigger at the same time as the difficulties and costs of getting to the destination increase. That means that short term rental, 2-3 weeks, is not longer possible or attractive for a lot of people. No one knows when the rental market will come back to the short visiting and to the short term rental. Maybe 2024, maybe not?

Long-term stays are on the rise

I receive new request 3-4 times per week from people from all over Europe who want to rent a house or an apartment for 3-6-9 months in 2021. Very often they want to rent the ackommodation and bring  their family or pets with them. I have one or two request per month from people who want rent a house or an apartment for 1 or 2 weeks in 2021. It is a different rental market then before Covid!

What you, who work with the rental market or have a holiday home on the rental market, need to ask yourself is:

And of course you need to realize:

The other question you can thing about is:

I have no simple “yes” or “no” answers for that. It is human nature that, when people live in a house or apartment for a longer period, they take care of the house in a better way. It may mean less repair work for you to worry about and, since the relationship is longer, better communication between you and your tenant.

If you use the Housefinders service:

Big cities are shrinking, people are living and travelling in a different way and we all need to adapt to new times and rules. Let me know if I can help you with your rental project!

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