Housefinders Peloponnese tips: Greek language? Charm Greeks with basic Greek phrases

Housefinders Peloponnese tips: Greek language? Charm Greeks with basic Greek phrases.  Yes, I agree with you: the Greek language is not easy, but you can easily charm Greeks people with basic Greek phrases. This is what I have been doing for the last two years :).

That’s easy for you to say! You live in Greece, so you speak Greek at home, right?

Unfortunately not! Elias speaks Swedish with me, as does my youngest son. The eldest son (father of my two grandsons) insists on speaking Polish. Here we spend time with a lot of English people and they, a well-known syndrome, usually only speak English. And the Greeks? Greeks I know want to practice their English so… But of course I am trying! For example, when I am shopping….

My first step: the alphabet

Of course I’m learning! I use every day for 15-20 minutes: perfect application! Give it a try (no matter what language you want to learn). Anyway, I recommend you start by learning the Greek alphabet. Not to be able to read newspapers (it is difficult even for Greeks), but to be able to read the menu and road signs. I started my education in Sweden, where I took a Greek course for about 8 months. Pronunciation, the alphabet and the understanding of the language are better acquired before you start learning on your own. Fun fact: when we started the course, the group consisted of 18 people! There were only 4 of us in the last month. No comments…

Charm the Greeks with basic Greek phrases

I think I spoke more Greek in Sweden than in Greece, haha. But I understand much more, and as Elias says when talking to the Greeks: “Elwira is a little dangerous now: she understands too much what is said.” And that’s right, I understand more and more and I like to surprise the Greeks whom I meet with my Greek phrases. Such as:

In the tavern, I usually let Elias order everything in Greek and adds:

Although I understand more and more and try to speak more Greek, I feel that there is still long way in front of me! But it does not matter! The Greeks say: you are Greek in your soul Elwira and that’s enough for us :)))).

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