Housefinders Peloponnese: Can life by the sea make you a happier person?

Can life by the sea make you a happier person? There are several studies that show that the scent, color and sound of the sea make our thoughts more free and open to the bright glimmers of life. Elias and I, “Housefinders Peloponnese” can confirm that studies and researchers are absolutely right: people who love the beach are happier and enjoy life more! Beach, turquoise water, beautiful sunsets and sounds of sea waves. Your senses are sharpened and problems seem to be moved further away. The sea makes us feel better, more harmonious and happier.

Research shows that people who love the beach feel better and are happier

Having a holiday, or even better, living by the sea, helps us to live happier and calmer lives. It is therefore not surprising that several different types of treatments, such as psychological treatments, use the beach and the sea to make patients feel better.

“Studies have shown that natural environments such as beaches and parks have more benefits for humans than gyms, entertainment venues and the urban environment,” says environmental and health expert Aaron Hipp, according to Medical Daily. Studies also show that the mixture of sea air and the sound of waves has a relaxing effect on many people and we become more creative and sleep better.

Another study shows similar results. Walking on the beach can be the best therapy we can get. Being surrounded by calm colors and the glorious sand against our feet gives us a feeling that we are connected to the earth and it makes us feel like better people. ( source)

James Joyce was he on the track?

Personally, I experience that when I look at the horizon, I can remember several years back. Calmness fills me and I think Sir James Joyce was on track here: “My God, he said softly. Is not the sea exactly what Algemon calls it, a great tender mother? ”. And, yes, it is true that it is not always easy, and many times I have to close my eyes and count to ten when talking to Greek customers or suppliers but hey! There’s another day coming, right? And another spectacle in the sky which is called “sunset” by the mortals. And, ok, you can not meet me today, so what? I go to the beach and listen to how the tender mother sings for me and wakes up happier tomorrow. All pictures in the post are from Stoupa, Mani, Peloponnese.