House Finders Peloponnese is growing: welcome Marie Pantzar

buy house peloponnese housefinders elwira kotowskaWelcome aboard Marie Pantzar! Elias and I are very glad that you want to be a part of HouseFinders Peloponnese! Your primary market is Sweden or other English-speaking countries. Please read below Maria´s story and the reason why she will work with me and Elias as HouseFinder’s broker assistant. The feminine, soft and caring side of our company is getting stronger! Thank you Marie/elwira


house-finders-peloponnese-growingI am glad to be a HouseFinder! I hope I can help other to make their dreams come true, like you and Elias helped me and my family! I am a social person who loves spending time with people and want to learn new things all the time. I have a large family that provides a rich life and I have a broad work background. I have worked as a Post Office Cashier, Financial Assistant, Daycare, Secretary, and also Broker’s assistant with sales in Norrköping and Spain.

Sales and visits to Spain made me want to see more of Europe. I have always felt warm to customer contact and being there for each customer and being able to help has been a motivation to achieve goals. Travel has also been a big part of my dreams and it has led to us traveling a lot even though the family is big.

Long and short trips, trips in Sweden and trips abroad. I am convinced that all these travels and all the meetings with people have made me the open and social person I am today. And a trip gave me the opportunity to meet Elwira and Elias and be part of their HouseFinders team!

We have driven and flown around to different parts of Europe before we suddenly got the idea of ​​boating in Greece 26 years ago. After that we have visited Greece many times and in 2012 we bought our sailboat which has taken us around to various amazing islands in the Greek archipelago but everything has an end and we felt that we had finished sailing in 2018. We wanted to experience more of Greece and maybe find our own house and it was natural to look at the mainland and especially at Kalamata with its fine climate and all the opportunities around to visit and discover. In 2022 this dream came true thanks to Elwira and Elias, HouseFinders Peloponnese we were able to realize our dream of owning a house and being part of Greece. Please read more about my trip here . It feels fantastic to work in their team!

My advice to you who also want to find your dream property in Greece

The most important thing, in my opinion, is to get to know the area where you intend to look for a house or plot. Go down and try to stay at least a month so you get a feel for what there is to do, nice restaurants, nice beach or excursion possibilities etc. Think through what is important to you. Below what is close to my greek home, I love to be there in the winter!

You may have the opportunity to work remotely and then it is appropriate to rent a house or apartment in the area you have in mind. Then we, HouseFinders, are at hand and can help. Once you have decided which area, then we come to an important question, your budget. If you want to build, keep in mind that it takes time to build a house, but if you are ready, Housefinders can help you by contacting a serious construction company. Read more about “WYSYWIG” project here: build a turnkey house at a fixed price: what you see is what you get

Before you start looking, you should have set a budget and preferably also how the accommodation should be located. It’s stupid to start looking on broker sites and go after the sales price as there is so much more that is important. You stress yourself and your broker completely unnecessarily. Keep in mind that there are some additional fees that you may not expect, so have a reserve for these. Read more here. Now you are ready to book an appointment with Elwira and Elias who are responsive to your wishes and will be your extended arm in the search for your dream home. Keep in mind that your budget may not be enough for everything. What are you willing to compromise on? Ask yourself that question before you start looking. Below some pictures of the road from Kalamata to West Mani. Many call it the “wow way”!

My advice to you who want to experience my loved place in Messinia: the West Mani

Mani has something for everyone! For all ages and interests, whether you are interested in history, water sports or hiking. But you can also start small: a cozy excursion destination to Kalamata and the lovely Fruit and Vegetable Market that is available on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There you will also find meat, fish, lovely cheeses and plenty of good Greek wine. If you are not here on Wednesday or Saturday, you can visit the castle in Kalamata. The castle is quite accessible, not too many stairs and the view of the city is very beautiful. Do you want more tips? Just keep reading the  blog or email HouseFinders team!