Find a house and create your dream home in the Peloponnese

Your vacation is almost over and you didn´t succeed to find a house you liked? But you still want to build your dream home in the Peloponnese? Don’t worry! Elias and I will help you: we were in your situation not so long ago. We know it´s not easy to keep in contact with brokers in Greece and we will make our best to help you.

What kind of home are you looking for?

You can find traditional stone houses or modern houses in the Peloponnese, you can find a house that needs renovating or a house you can live in directly. The most important will be your choice of location.

“The world you see, nature’s greatest and most glorious creation, and the human mind which gazes and wonders at it, and is the most splendid part of it, these are our own everlasting possessions and will remain with us as long as we ourselves remain”. Seneca

Can those two bohemian houses be your new greek home?


Two stone houses situated in an elevated position with spectacular views of the Messinian coastline and the mountains nearly  Tseria village.

The houses are 2 storeys totaling  140m² . They are located  on a 4200 m² olive grove in a quiet, tranquil position. The plot is laid to terrace with paved courtyards, a garden with mature trees, shrubs and 115 olive trees.

One of the houses is an older property that has been renovated and the other house is about 20 years old. The properties have main water supply and the electricity is provided by solar battery system but could be connect to the main supply if necessary.

This is a great opportunity for creative souls to create a home to love! Here you can also run your own company and offer stressed people a retreat vacation.

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You can also find more houses and plots for sale on Housefinders

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