The creative life in the Peloponnese: visit a mosaic artist from Sparta

Many who choose to move permanently or live in the Peloponnese for longer periods find that creative life flourishes here. Maybe it is the combination of these beautiful mountains, the radiant sun and the blue sea? Maybe it is the simplicity of living in the Greek countryside with a combination of all those memories of the history of ancient Greece? But this is really true: this country opens your mind and helps you discover an artist in your soul!

This time I would like to invite you to make a visit in the magical garden of mosaics (MOSAIC ART GREECE) in the city of Sparta. A small paradise that is created by Dimitra Colomvakou, who was born and raised in Toronto Canada from expat Greek parents from Mystras and Gythio and moved to Sparta in May 1997. If you are curios to know more about her “why the Peloponnese story” please click here.

Welcome to Dimitras mosaic paradise in the center of Sparta

Me and my two female friends (mixed nationalities) have been talking for a long time about visiting Dimitra. At the beginning of June 2022, we had set the day and early in the morning “the girls from Nomitsi” went to Sparta. It’s about a 2 hour journey but we had a lot to talk about so the time passed quickly. We found Dimitra’s workshop without any difficulties and….my Lord, I never forgot the first feeling… Do you recognize a feeling of being in another world?

And it’s not just about Dimitra’s creations, which welcome you from the entrance, but it’s very much about Dimitra’s own soul. Her creative and empathetic ability to respond to people and beauty in nature.

It is like opening the door to calmness, love and dream country. Each mosaic work is unique. The materials she uses, such as pebbles, marble, glass, are cut by hand and assembled on the base piece by piece. My friends and I fell in love with her art from the first moment.

And we also spoke with Dimitra about life: “That life is short you know and unfortunately we learn later in life what we are passionate about. It is very important to follow your heart and find something that attracts you and that you love even slowly. If your profession is what you love, then it is not a profession, it is creation, it is a source of life. I discovered that I have a lot of patience, persistence and a lot of stubbornness for what I do and I finally succeeded!”

It was a very rewarding day for all three of us. On the way home to Mani, we sat a little more quietly in the car, enjoying the view and embracing the artist within us that was awakened during the day. Thank you Dimitra for your time!