Buying property in Greece: tips from a real estate lawyer

Buying a property in Greece does not have to be complicated: a reliable real estate lawyer will guide you through the entire process. Your lawyer will be your best friend!

Buying property in Greece, your place in the sun

Greece is a top choice for many who want to buy a holiday home or permanent residence: the climate, culture and people are liked by Scandinavians and Europeans. What to consider when buying a house in Greece? Elias and I are very happy to be able to help our clients with the all above: we work with the lawyer in Kalamata Voula Spyrea.

Buying property in Greece with help av the lawyer we and our client trust: Voula Spyrea

I’m a Kalamata – Kardamyli based lawyer. I’ve been practicing law for 27 years. My base is in Kalamata , 95A Aristodimou str., however , I also work in Kardamyli and the area of Mani. Kardamyli is my home village, I was born and bred in Kardamyli, so I have a very good understanding and very thorough network of the local area.

I specialize in civil law, property settlements, immigration law, family law and business/ commercial law. I offer my clients a wealth of experience , knowledge and fluency in English. My goal with every client is, to make the legal process for them, as simple and straightforward as possible. As you will appreciate Greek Law , sometimes , can be very difficult to understand , especially for those who are non Greek residents.

I have a wonderful extended Greek family. My daughter Myrto, is studying Sociology at University in Athens. I see her quite often during the year and I really enjoy when she spends her summer holidays with me, in the village. I have a wonderful little dog, whose name is Pogos , who has been part of our life for the past 12 years.

In my spare time I like photography , and enjoy traveling. I believe that traveling broadens the mind and the soul. I enjoy cooking , hosting events for friends and family and I’m actively involved as a volunteer with the Special Needs Children of Kalamata.

How you can be successful with your purchase and investment

The most valuable thing Elias and I have is our clients trust.We never recommend those we would not trust ourselves. And we are proud to work with Voula. Read below her step by step guide to the successful and successful home investment in Greece and email us if you want contact her. Below is the general information about the process of buying property in Greece (January 2020). This information may change from time to time, if and when new rules will be in force.

The tax number is the first and most significant step of the process. Any person , who is going to buy any property in Greece, must register in the Greek tax system. To get a Greek Tax Number, the person , must go to the relevant tax office, with his/her passport, fill some forms with the necessary details and submit the forms to the tax system.

To open a bank account in Greece , the person must go at a Greek Bank of his/her choice, provide the bank system with the necessary documents (passport, proof of income , AFM, certificate to prove his/her occupation and residence, utility bill), fill some forms and sign them. Some banks may ask for further information.

This is the most important step , before a person decides to proceed with the purchase. The legal survey of the property , is done by a qualified lawyer. For this, the Buyers’ lawyer must be provided by the details of the Seller and the deeds of the property. The lawyer then, will check if the property is free from any legal faults, mortgages , claims, disputes, etc. If everything is ok, he/she will confirm that the everything is ok and the process will start.

Apart from the legal survey , a technical survey of the property , must be done by a civil engineer . The Seller has to provide the Buyer with a topographic plan of the property ‘s current status. The topographic plan, must be accompanied by the relevant statements, confirming that the property is completely legal , according to the Building legislation and that it can be sold. The topographic plan and all the statements will be attached in the purchase contract. Both, the legal and the technical survey , are mandatory and crucial, in order to complete the purchase process.

After all the above steps have been completed and all the paperwork is ready , the Notary Public, will prepare the purchase contract, in which all the agreed terms and conditions, between the Seller and the Buyer, will be included. The topographic plan will be attached in the contract , as well as, all the relevant documents.

Before the signature of the sale contract , the Buyer must have paid the property transfer tax, of 3%, on the value of the property. The tax system will calculate the amount of tax. Only after it’s payment , the sale contract can be signed. The sale contract is signed before the Notary and in the presence of the parties and their lawyers.

If the Buyer, will not be able to come to Greece, to deal with the purchase, he/she can authorize a qualified lawyer, to do all the above mentioned steps of the process , except the opening of the bank account ( the Buyer has to be present) and represent him/her, by signing a Power of Attorney, in which, will be included all the necessary authorizations , that will allow the lawyer to start and complete the purchase process.

After the completion of the purchase , the new owner ,must register the property, in the National Cadastre of Greece. A lawyer or a civil engineer can assist him/her with the process.

After the purchase, the new owner must register the property into his name and update the tax system, by filling the E-9 form. A qualified accountant will do this for him/her. Every year, the owner has to submit a tax statement and pay the relevant property tax . Again, the accountant will do the process.

After the purchase , all utility bills must change to the name of the new owner. For the electricity change, may be necessary a plan of the electric installation of the house, done by a qualified electrician, (if the installation has been done more than 15 years).

The general costs of the process

  1. The Notary’s costs and fees are approximately 2-2,5% on the purchase price
  2. The property transfer tax is 3% on the purchase price. It is calculated by the tax system and paid directly to the State. It must be paid prior to the contract, otherwise we will not be able to complete the purchase
  3. Lawyer’s fee, depends on the amount of work , the lawyer will have to do. Every purchase is different and the lawyer’s fee may vary from case to case
  4. Other fees may occur, depending the purchase, every time.

Important notice: All the above mentioned are currently valid (January 2020). Changes may be done, every time that new rules apply.

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