Book a house viewing with HouseFinders Peloponnese: everything you need to know

Do you want to book a house viewing with us, Elwira and Elias, HouseFinders Peloponnese? We are happy to help you plan and book house showing, building sites or arrange a meeting with a construction company. We can help you planning the viewings of properties from our portfolio and suitable proposals from the broker partners we cooperate with.

Property viewings in Greece: consider property sellers and brokers

book house viewing housefinders peloponnese“Hi, I’m in the area now. I want to book a house viewing today at 5:00 p.m. or at the latest tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. I found 4 houses that I want to look at. Call me!” . Unfortunately, it happens quite often… I, Elwira, can be called, receive a message as above via SMS, email, Messenger or Instagram DM. If someone speaks Greek, they call Elias with the same requests. And the answer will be the same 99.9%: “no, but we’d be happy to meet you in 3 days”.

We don’t do it because we’re mean or lack a sense of good customer service, we do it because we respect our customers. Both selling customers and buying customers. We promised the selling customers that we respect their privacy and that we will not storm in to their house in the middle of breakfast or dinner with a vacationing family who wants to “just look”. We also promised them that we will show their properties in an attractive and appealing way. In those cases when the houses or plots are uninhabited, we may need to book an appointment with the gardener or a cleaner and then we need the time to coordinate it.

Both Elias and I treat our buying customers as we ourselves would like to be treated. We want our buying customers to feel free to look at the properties in peace and quiet. Maybe stay an hour at the site to walk around the house or property 2 or more times. Have time to ask all the questions and quite easily “feel” if they, their family or friends can imagine enjoying themselves here. Perhaps it is necessary to go to a nearby location, to show the local beach or taverna? It is not at all unusual for a meeting with new buyers to take 3-4 hours. And then Elias and I need time to plan those hours into our schedule and give you the time you need.

Peloponnese property showings with Elwira and Elias: help us help you

“Hi, I just want to look at some houses, I’m on holiday in the Peloponnese in about a week” . Hmmm, “just look”… Well, it will be a bit difficult without me knowing a little bit more about your goals, budget, how much you know about the area and where in the Peloponnese you will be vacationing. The best and first step is when you fill out our ” Registration of interest.“. Then I will know a little bit more about what is important to you and which properties and areas may be most interesting for you. In further dialogue with you, we can create a list of the properties that match your goals. You help me help you with a perfect match and everyone wins: you can enjoy your vacation longer and not go to pointless showings and our selling clients will avoid being disappointed by a showing that didn’t bring them a buyer. Investing in a house, apartment or plot of land is rarely an impulse buy, don’t you agree?

PS. During the viewing, you will be asked to sign a document called “Visitor-Broker Agreement”. Since several brokers can hold the same object, a “Visitor-Broker Agreement” is signed at the viewing to secure which brokerage agency first presented the object to the buyer.

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