About house in Peloponnese: our story

Are you looking for a house in Peloponnese? Do you want to write a new story of your life? Do you miss 265 sunny days a year?  You are not alone:). This was also our dream and now we want to help other people who share our interests.

Hi and welcome

My name is Elwira Kotowska, I was born in Warsaw and for 26 years I lived in Sweden. Cosmopolitan in heart and constantly looking for new ways in life. I am a specialist in project management and a major in digital marketing.

My partner, Elias Johnsson, was born in Athens and moved to Sweden at the age of 4. He is a business administrator and application manager by profession.

From rainy Sweden to sunny Greece

In 2015, after our holiday around the Peloponnese peninsula, we decided to move. We are still working with our Swedish clients, but we also started 2 webpages:  Husigrekland.se and Domwgrecji.pl  (which means “House in Greece” in Swedish and in Polish) for people who want to buy, build or rent in Peloponnese. At the end of 2016, we bought “our place on earth” (in Nomitsi), where we soon are going to build our dream house with a view of the Mediterranean! We moved from Sweden to Greece in December 2017 and we hope to help more people with the “escape to Greece” project.

Our place on earth: Nomitsi

Our area

We can help you buy/sell  or rent/let out the house or the apartment in the area of ​​Kalamata, Nafplio and Thessaloniki. The beautiful Peloponnese Peninsula is much more than just beaches. Here you will find the classical Greece, where myth mixes with history.

Peloponnese is history, Homer and Odysseys. It is a magic country where myths mix with facts, the smell of olives, the color of ripening oranges and the sweet scent of figs. There are rocky cliffs and peaceful beaches that await your discovery. If you believe in legends, here you will find the entrance to the mythical Hades. In the last few years, it is also increasingly interesting for foreign investors.

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